Malak Talal

Coach Malak is a professional personal trainer in pre and post natal training, she trains her clients throughout all pregnancy trimesters, and complete the journey after the pregnancy. -She has Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification from the (IFPA Academy) International Fitness Professional Association. She is certified in Posture and Shoulder’s injuries also from the (IFPA Academy). -Personal certified from the Fit Chicks Canadian Academy for women as a Fitness and Nutrition expert. -Founder of The Training Room to train Females, where she train one to one personal training sessions, -Graduated her bachelor’s degree from York University in Health sciences and informatics. مدربة معتمدة في تدريب تمارين الحمل و ما بعد الولادة. حاصله على شهادة اللياقة قبل و بعد الولادة من- IFPA Academy (International Fitness Professional Association). حاصله على شهادة وضعية الجسم و اصابات الكتف من ال- IFPA Academy International Fitness Professional Association. حاصله على شهادة اللياقة و التغذية من- the Fit Chicks Canadian Academy for women. قامت بتأسيس - The Training Room لتدريب الاناث في جلسات خاصة على مستوي شخصي (متدربة واحدة لكل جلسة). -تخرجت من جامعة يورك بشهادة البكالوريوس بتخصص العلوم الصحية والمعلوماتية.